Case study

H&L are the best contractors we've got! Stuart Tayler, EAB

The Client

EAB, Beaconsfield
Director: Paul Berridge
Foreman: Stuart Tayler

The Brief

To fulfill the on-site carpentry package for the new build of two high-specification six bedroom houses.

The Location

Wentworth Estate, Virginia Waters, Surrey

The Challenges

Work was only allowed between 8am and 5pm due to a local agreement. In addition, access to the site was difficult so a high level of expertise in logistics was crucial.

The entire job depended on meeting a very tight schedule, which had to be taken into account in the project management of the construction.

As these were luxury, high specification homes, the designs were complex, incorporating fitted cupboards, niches, LED lights, pocket doors, chandeliers, bespoke fixtures and fittings and unusually large, high gloss interior doors. 100% accuracy was expected, with a perfect finish.

The Solutions

With a tight deadline and restricted working hours, every single minute counted. Thanks to our dedicated bank of skilled carpenters available for work, we were able to keep the project fully staffed at all times, so no time was wasted waiting for replacement workers.

We made sure that our delivery lorries were waiting in laybys nearby every day, ready to enter the site at 8am.

To get around the difficult site access the roof trusses were each brought in in two sections and put in place by crane.

We made sure that we had spare full sets of all fixings on site, in our own vaults with coded padlocks. If (as is inevitable on all construction jobs) the unexpected occurred, our carpenters could get the extra fixings they needed to continue working without the delays of having to order materials and wait for them to arrive.

Project manager Lee Casey’s experience as Assistant Logistics Manager for Bovis Lend Lease in Moorgate was put to good use, as he managed this large and complex project without a hitch, at one point with seven tower cranes in operation at once.

To help to meet the tight project deadline, both roofs were fitted simultaneously. H&L Construction Solutions Ltd put two large teams in place, communicating by two-way radio.

We worked to the highest possible standards to make sure that we provided the perfect finish required. For example, there was no room for error with the large, high gloss interior doors (which were 2.4 metres high and 1.2 metres wide), so we fitted sub-linings prior to plastering, so that there was no danger of damage occurring to the doors as they were fitted, as adjustments could not be made.

All of the bathrooms were designed by a specialist team of designers. We worked from scratch from their detailed CAD drawings. The designers expected a perfect finish and 100% accuracy, right down to the grout lines. We were able to deliver this.


H&L Construction Solutions Ltd spotted an issue with the brick layer levels at the earliest possible opportunity. We were able to level out before proceeding with construction, rectifying a small error before it turned into a big problem.

Adding value

Thanks to our association with Raymond Good (Joiners) Ltd, we were able to fit beautiful bespoke staircases to add that all-important ‘wow’ factor to the homes.


H&L Construction Solutions rose to the multiple challenges presented by this complex, high specification construction project, making sure that the work was completed to schedule, with the perfect finish and accuracy the clients expected.